Hi Mrs. Metz,

I want to apologize that you did not receive this earlier. I missed up the email address and didnít see the message letting me know it got kicked back. Iíve been in Dallas for work all week a things have been a little crazy. I hope Drew has less excuse then I do about late home work.

My understanding of the home work is that you just want some information about who Drew is. I think Drew is an amazing kid. I'm sure all parents feel this way and they are probably right. Since the age of two Drew has been able to relate and converse with adults. He always has an opinion and feels frustrated when he canít share it. I think he gets that from me. He gets bored when heís not challenged and gets annoyed when other students waits the classís time. He went to CDC (Center for Disease Control) camp this summer in Atlanta Georgia. He worked hard and had to summit several essays, questionnaires, and recommendation letters in order to be excepted. He is very fascinated with the problem solving of disease control and states quite directly that he will be an agent for the CDC some day. He enjoys video games mostly zombie related. He is an avid reader and has been going through novels since he was around 8. His absolute favorite author is Stephen King. He Takes archery lessons and enjoys practicing at 360 park, and he loves Thai food. He has a 10 year old sister and makes a great big brother minus the occasional argument. One thing he really hates is getting up in the mornings. I hope this gives you some insight. I do ask if for any reason this supposed to be shared with the class, please lose it. He would be very embarrassed and I could write a new one. Thank you so much for caring enough to ask about him. I hope you have a good day and a great school year.
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